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Coming to Parkside DECEMBER 4th!

Petclix, the Pet Portrait People, are professional mobile pet photography studios that capture amazing pet portraits. Studios are spacious and designed especially for pet photography. They have successfully captured thousands of pet portraits across the USA… and they are coming to Parkside Animal Hospital on November 22nd!

Schedule your sitting appointment today at Parkside Animal Hospital, space is limited.

  • Is there a sitting fee? Yes! There is a $10 non-refundable session fee. This should be paid prior to the event in order to guarantee your time slot. Sitting fee is not applied towards portrait purchases.
  • Can I be in the portrait with my pet? YES! We encourage this. If there are two or more people in the photo, dress in SIMILAR color and non-competing patterns. If your pet is black, do not wear black; if your pet is white, do not wear white.
  • How many background choices do I get? The number of background choices depends on the allocated time and your pet(s) cooperation. Additional time slots are required for multiple pets and family members. *** Holiday scenes are always available.***
  • Are there any breeds you don’t photograph? We photograph all breeds. If you have multiple pets over 65lbs, we will photograph them individually. Group photographs of large breeds must be confirmed with us (1-866-Petclix) in advance.
  • How many pets and people can be in a portrait? If you plan to take a group portrait with 4 or more subjects (pets/people), please call us at 1-866-Petclix to see if we can accommodate you.
  • How should I prepare my pet? Your pet should be professionally groomed prior to photo day. Keep you pet(s) calm and COOL, panting does not look pretty in pictures. Please make sure your pet has gone to the bathroom prior to photo shoot.
  • When will I receive my portraits? Portraits will be available within two to three weeks at the event location (Parkside Animal Hospital).
  • What should I bring to the session? Bring your pet’s favorite treats and toys.

If you have any questions, call Petclix at 1-866-738-2549 or visit their websiste: SCHEDULE YOUR SITTING APPOINTMENT NOW AT PARKSIDE ANIMAL HOSPITAL… space is limited!