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Pet Owners Beware of Buying Medication Online

pharmacy01We understand that most people are very busy and don’t often have time for all their errands. And with the increasing availability of online shopping, we can see why many pet owners may be tempted into purchasing their pets’ medications from an online source.

But beware! There are a number of reasons why buying pet medication online is unsafe, and we are seeing an increasing frequency of problems caused by untrustworthy medication suppliers.

Unscrupulous businesses have been using online pet medication sales as a way of distributing medications that are counterfeit, expired, non-functional, or can even cause serious damage to your pet’s health. With the lack of regulation in the new online industry, it can be very dangerous to take a chance on those medications.

These online sellers take advantage of pet owners who are trying to cut costs, often offering discounted prices that are hard to ignore. But this is a major red flag, reputable sellers simply cannot offer those prices from an economic standpoint.

Another of the major red flags is when a seller offers prescription medications without a prescription. Often times there will be disclaimers saying that a veterinarian will review the pets records, but this is often a false claim and does not meet the rigorous standards of the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine.

One other red flag to consider is the selling of NSAIDs, or Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These medications are quite common and provide pets with relief from pain. However, these medications should never be purchased online and administered without a thorough physical examination and blood work. Pets also need professional monitoring while taking these drugs, making it all the more dangerous to buy online.

As a pet owner, we know that you want to provide the best possible life for your loved ones. We also realize that the cost of medical care can often be a burden. However, we urge all pet owners to not cut costs by buying online medications that could be dangerous to their pet’s health.

Manufacturers do not guarantee veterinary products or medicine purchases that are made online!

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