E-Newsletter 01 — SEPTEMBER 2008 – 1st edition of our monthly e-newsletter: Importance of Pet Play
E-Newsletter 02 — OCTOBER 2008 – Pudgy Pooches & Fluffy Felines: Obesity in Pets
E-Newsletter 03 — NOVEMBER 2008 – Pancreatitis + Hypoadrenocorticism (Addison’s Disease) + The Saving of Ariel
E-Newsletter 04 — DECEMBER 2008 – Ask The Vet: Questions and Answers
E-Newsletter 05 — JANUARY 2009 – New Puppy? New Kitten? ..Important Considerations and Puppy Hypoglycemia
E-Newsletter 06 — FEBRUARY 2009 – Pet Insurance + Cats: Clinical Trial Study + Valentine’s Day Gift Dangers
E-Newsletter 07 — MARCH 2009 – SENIORS (part 1 of 2): Aging issues, Physical changes, Hearing & Vision, Nutritional concerns. 10 Steps Toward Good Health
E-Newsletter 08 — APRIL 2009 – SENIORS (part 2 of 2): Behavior changes, Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, House Soiling, Skin & Coat, Physical Exams & Testing. 10 Steps Toward Good Health
E-Newsletter 09 — MAY 2009 – Fleas! Why We Hate Them and How To Get Rid of Them! + Heartworm Disease.. And Your Pet
E-Newsletter 10 — JUNE 2009 – Meee – OW! ..it’s all about CATS. Heartworm disease in cats, Q & A’s regarding cats going off food, litter box issues and changing foods.
E-Newsletter 11 — JULY 2009 – Traveling? ..consider your pet; many suggestions & tips. Hot weather and your pet.
E-Newsletter 12 — AUGUST 2009 – Is YOUR pet in pain? Recognition, Management, Treatment choices & Considerations. When to call your vet.. signs to watch for.
E-Newsletter 13 — SEPTEMBER 2009 – Caring for your SENIOR PET. Effects of age, Suggestions to optimize health, Signs of a problem.
E-Newsletter 14 — OCTOBER 2009 – Parkside voted #1 Vet in Keller! Get involved/make a difference.. ways YOU can help! Halloween treats.. watch for these dangers.
E-Newsletter 15 — NOVEMBER 2009 – Note from Dr. Wigginton; True story: Lost pet and a Micro-chip; ‘Tis the Season.. a dangerous time of the year
E-Newsletter 16 — DECEMBER 2009 – Holiday greetings; Gifts for your pet: Gift Certificates, Zanies toys, Lupine Collars & Leashes; Holiday Hazards; Diesel Needs a Home; Holiday hours, Emergency & Poison Control phone numbers
E-Newsletter 17 — JANUARY 2010 – Happy New Year! New pet in your family? Here is information that will be helpful: examinations, vaccinations, food, worms, socialization/quarentine, heartworm disease, spay/neuter, micro-chip & pet ID; plus Princess is Home!
E-Newsletter 18 — FEBRUARY 2010 – Parkside Animal Hospital’s 10th Anniversary!; Parkside’s “BIGGEST LOSER” winners… MICKEY and TOOTSIE; February is DENTAL HEALTH month.
E-Newsletter 19 — MARCH 2010 – Considering PET INSURANCE to help manage veterinary expenses? Much information, points to consider, names of several companies providing insurance and links to websites where you may obtain free quotes. We do not recommend any particular company, but encourage you to consider pet insurance.
E-Newsletter 20 — APRIL + MAY 2010 – HEAT STROKE + SUMMER DANGERS: how to prevent, symptoms to watch for and when to take action to protect your pet against deadly heat stroke. Vacationing, having visitors? Tips and suggestions to help keep your pet safe.
E-Newsletter 21 — JUNE 2010 – Welcome, Dr. Deidra Blackmon!, Summer heat advisory, Heat Stroke Dangers, July 4th Holiday Concerns
E-Newsletter 22 — JULY 2010 – Heartworm preventative is strongly recommended for your pet. Why is it important and How do these medications work? and Parkside Animal Hospital.. our requests of you.
E-Newsletter 23 — AUGUST 2010 – Parasites and your pet.. How does this affect you.. your family.. your children. Includes descriptions, symptoms, treatment and prevention for some of the most common parasites including: roundworms, whipworms, hookworms, tapeworms, heartworms and coccidia.
E-Newsletter 24 — SEPTEMBER 2010 – Parkside voted BEST OF BEST veterinary hospital in Keller for 2nd year in a row; Brittany voted BEST GROOMER in Keller; Parkside voted BEST PLACE TO WORK in Keller. Also Heimlich Maneuver & Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).. how & when to do for your dog or cat.
E-Newsletter 25 — OCTOBER 2010 – Little Orphan Angels Rescue; Halloween dangers; and the pets of Parkside Animal Hospital staff.. in costume. Have a BOO-t-full Fall and a SPOOK-tacular Halloween!
E-Newsletter 26 — NOVEMBER 2010 – Diabetes and your pet: What is diabetes?How common in dogs & cats? Risk Factors, Common Signs & Symptoms; How it is treated in Dogs and Cats. HOLIDAY SEASON concerns and dangers.. keep your pet safe! HAPPY THANKSGIVING from your friends at Parkside Animal Hospital.
E-Newsletter 27 — DECEMBER 2010 – HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS.. what does this mean for your pet? Dangerous “people” foods, dangerous plants, top ten poisons. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
E-Newsletter 28 — JANUARY 2011 – 31 Days To A Better Dog; Pet Portals Coming Soon!; Champagne Taste: from the case histories of a national pet insurance company.. list of household items scarfed by pets and what it cost to remove them.
E-Newsletter 29 — FEBRUARY 2011 – Dental Care For Your Pet.. It’s About Health! Warning signs, Evaulation and treatment, Ways to keep your pet’s teeth & mouth healthy. Affording Veterinary Care: options that may help. Pet Portals Now Available! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!
E-Newsletter 30 — MARCH 2011 – HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? .. and is it SAFE for Fluffy and Fido? Included are lists of toxic and non-toxic plants plus the ASPCA link for additional information. Frontline special offer.
E-Newsletter 31 — APRIL 2011 – Back by demand.. APRIL IS DENTAL MONTH. Storm Season and Your Pet: how you can help. LOST and FOUND: what to do when a pet goes missing. FRONTLINE promotion: free Rabies vaccine. Applause and appreciation for Haley.
E-Newsletter 32 — MAY 2011 – Anesthesia-free Pet Dentistry May Feel Brush of the Law;Special Promotions and Offers at Parkside – BIG SAVINGS!; SUMMER HEAT STROKE ADVISORY, What’s New at Parkside? – New On-line Store and Digital Radiographs
E-Newsletter 33 — JUNE 2011 – New additions to Parkside staff: Dr. Meghan Mahanay and Angie Perry, RVT; HEAT STROKE: signs to watch for in dogs & cats, what to do and not do, prevention; Alert: Illness linked to chicken jerky treats made in China; 4th of July concerns for your pet.