klaser-logo“This letter is long overdue. My goal was to take some time and find the right words to express the deep and sincere gratitude my family and I have to everyone at Parkside. I am writing now, not because the words have recently come to me, but because I have come to realize there really are no words to convey how much I appreciate the kind people at Parkside.

In June of 2012 my 1.5 year old Rottweiler became stuck under my SUV while chasing her ball. After some time and effort I was able to free her. A short time later I noticed she had what thought was a small cut on her back. I began treating it with an antibiotic cream and peroxide. A week passed and it wasn’t getting better, in fact it began to have more and more discharge. I began to think there may be more going on so I decided to shave the area to get a better view. Once I began to shave her, the skin below started to peel away, revealing what was a pretty bad burn. I was shocked! I am not one to panic, but when I saw how much of her skin had peeled away it just broke my heart. I immediately called Parkside who allowed me to bring her right in.

After the Dr. calmed me down and advised me she would be fine she treated the burn and advised me of several options available. One of the options along with antibiotics was a the K-Laser treatment that the office was providing. I will admit at the time I was willing to try ANYTHING considering the size of the burn on her back.

We began the treatments twice a week and have to say they were great! We came in she sat down and Becky (we love Becky!) gave us the dark shades and treated Akiva with the laser. It didn’t appear to be painful and the speed of the healing was great!

If you can imagine a 92lb Rottweiler puppy RUNNING into the office to get treatment! That’s what she did every single time we went for treatment. She couldn’t wait to get inside. Granted that MAY have something to do with the treats that were being offered, but if the treatment had been a bad experience I doubt she would have been so eager to return each week.

All in all l would definitely recommend the K-Laser treatment to others.
-The treatment was fast (our sessions usually lasted 5-10 minutes.)
-There was little or NO pain
-The wound healed very well
-There was little need sprays or messy creams

Again, thank you to the Parkside Staff and Vets. You are the best!”

Vincent Mason
Keller, TX